The first dedicated, self-service recruitment-platform for Nature, Culture & Adventure guides all over Southern Africa!

Why Choose Recruit a Guide

We are a dedicated recruitment platform for nature, culture & adventure guides, developed by industry specialists.
We use cutting-edge technology to streamline the recruitment process, saving all involved both time and money.
Video CVs give operators a far better sense of “who” their applicants are, instead of just “what” they do.
Developed by specialists with more than 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry, we – at RecruitAGuide – understand the challenges faced by both guides and operators when looking for the perfect match. That is why we are pioneering a platform, using innovative technology, to streamline the recruitment process in the Tourism Industry
RecruitAGuide’s mobile app gives guides access to video CV technology, allowing them to express their personalities and demonstrate their strengths, showing operators a true sense of who they are. Our online portal also allows operators to use industry-specific matching criteria to find suitable candidates. Watching a video résumé allows employers to connect further with candidates, even before holding an interview.
RecruitAGuide’s personality-driven approach will shorten the recruitment process, saving all involved time, money and patience!
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Calling all Guides

Be seen. Be known. Be hired!

If you’re a nature/field guide, culture guide or an adventure guide and struggling to find a job, you’re in the right place! RecruitAGuide’s mobile app not only connects you to a large job market, but it also gives you the platform to highlight what sets you apart from other candidates.


  • It’s free!

  • All you need is access to a smartphone

  • Gain access to a wider pool of employers

  • Show employers your true personality

  • Stand out from the crowd, above-and-beyond your qualifications
  • Show off your language and guiding skills first-hand

  • Receive invites to job interviews

  • No more cover letters!


  • Create your profile & video CV

  • Choose your interests

  • Accept, decline & apply for jobs

  • Respond to messages for additional info

  • Get hired!

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Guide Instructional Video

Tour Operators, Lodges & Agencies

Post. Watch. Hire!

If you’re struggling to vet and hire skilled tour guides or field guides, we’ve got the solution! RecruitAGuide’s web application connects you to a large pool of guides that are ready and enthusiastic to work. Our innovative technology allows you to select relevant industry-specific criteria, connecting you instantly to perfect applicants, who’s personalities you can get to know through video.

Employers Instructional Video


  • Cost- and time-effective

  • Streamline your recruitment process

  • Find the right personality for the job

  • Verify language skills through video CVs

  • Recruit in a different region without incurring additional costs

  • Get value for your money


  • Post your job
  • Choose who may apply
  • Meet your applicants through video
  • Message applicants for additional info
  • Hire your favourites
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