Looking for work as a guide? Well, you’re in the right place!
RecruitAGuide connects you to operators and employers in the tourism industry from all over South Africa and beyond, and connects you to jobs that are tailored to your specific skillset.
Employers want to know “who” you are and not just “what” you do, which is what your video CV helps them to see.
RecruitAGuide also gives YOU the choice to either actively apply for jobs through your job board, or create the perfect profile and let job offers come to you.


  • No costs involved
  • You gain access to a larger jobs market
  • Create a video CV and be seen by Employers
  • Show off your language skills & other strengths
  • Employers get to know YOU, not just your qualifications
  • Get fast responses to applications

  • You get invited to jobs that are tailored to you

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Step 1
Create your profile & video CV
Step 2
Choose your interests
Step 3
Accept, decline & apply for jobs
Step 4
Respond to messages for additional info
Step 5
Get hired!

How to shoot your C.V video

Part 1

Part 2

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