As technology continues to change the way in which we live, so much of this can be used to our advantage. Internationally, the recruitment process is moving away from the use of traditional screening methods, such as paper CVs, and more employers are favouring Video CV technology instead. 

Here in South Africa our new, tech-based recruitment platform and mobile app, RecruitAGuide, is tapping into the same trend. By using Digital CV and video technology, we connect guides and employers in the tourism and travel industry. 

Here are five reasons why Video CVs can benefit job seekers and employers in specific industries, like travel and tourism, here in South Africa: 

  1. Candidates can be seen AND be heard from the get-go. A big part of getting hired as a guide involves having great people skills and the right personality. A Video CV is a great way to show “who” a candidate is’ and for employers to see (and hear) how a guide communicates through audio and visual communication, upfront. 
  2. Video CVs are attention-grabbing! If done properly, the combination of audio and visual content is far more likely to capture and hold an employer’s attention for longer, than it is in the case of a cover letter and paper CV. This is especially true for employers and recruiters who have a number of applicants to work through.
  3. Video CVs are personality-driven. While Video CVs give an applicant the opportunity to hold the attention of a potential employer, doing so also indicates that he/she is likely to demonstrate the same key criteria in the duties required for the job in person. Apart from the obvious communication skills required for the role, personality traits such as good humour, facial expressions and good body language are also important when it comes to representing a business and fitting in with company culture. This potentially sets an applicant apart from the rest.
  4. Video CVs can be more time-efficient. Video CVs give employers a good idea of what an applicant is like in the pre-selection stages, as they’re able to observe the personality traits and communication skills of an applicant before inviting them to a face-to-face interview. In the guiding industry, another reason why Video CVs are so useful is that more meaningful information can be included in much less time than it takes to read traditional paper CVs.
  5. Passion and enthusiasm. Being passionate about the tourism and travel industry is one thing. Letting that passion resonate through the way you communicate is another and while not every guide needs to come across as the next Steve Irwin, enthusiasm and genuine interest for what they do are key. Video CVs are the ideal way to express interest in order to motivate and better one’s chance of getting hired.

Guides, Here’s How to Create a Video CV that stands out:

Get Creative

  • Pick an exciting location to record your video that compliments your Guide Profile.
  • Consider ways to showcase some of your skills and talents. (i.e. say ‘thank you for watching’ in the different languages you’re able to speak at the end of your video).
  • Don’t go overboard – keep it sincere and remember that less is always more.

Be Professional

  • Dress as you would if you were to attend an in-person interview.
  • Use clear and appropriate language.

Plan Ahead

  • Decide on where you’ll film your Video CV.
  • Have a clear structure for what you’re going to include in your video but avoid reading off a script.
  • Don’t make your Video CV too long.
  • Once you’ve recorded your first draft, send or play it to family and/or friends for some feedback.

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